jamie wemyss of jmw furniture

Jamie Wemyss is the founder of JMW Furniture Ltd. A furniture designer / maker. 

I have always had a passion for beautiful things. Whether it was the little emerald-coloured tortoise trinket on the side table at Invermay, my childhood home, or the paintings my father collected over a lifetime that adorn the house’s walls. My eyes and hands have always been interested, curious, mesmerised even, by the way objects are made, the way patterns are woven. I am in awe of the imagination of those dedicated enough to invent, decorate and build. It has led me to be dedicated to the medium I have chosen. Working with the most tactile and textured of all materials, wood.

My workshop is dedicated to designing timeless pieces. They are made with precision and devotion by our  workshop team and will last for generations. We are passionate about the materials we work with and treat them with the utmost respect.

Having grown up surrounded by the Scotland’s wild woodland, I admire their character and spirit. How they grow old with dignity, and support the flora and fauna around them. Ever changing but always a constant they have always been my friends. I plan to be an advocate of our domestic woodland and help educate anyone who wishes to learn more about our ancient them and their future, so please read our Blog to find out more.


The most important thing about being a fine furniture designer / maker is that you have to be at one with your craft and your chosen material. Given that our material of choice is wood we feel very strongly that we should do our bit to care for it, not just when it’s in our workshop but when it’s rooted, in its natural environment, now and in the future.

At JMW Furniture we have started to plank our own timber, all yielded from the same estate in Scotland. Each tree that we fell is selected for its aesthetic appeal, allowing the next generation more space and light in which they can prosper. We re-plant trees where necessary, but usually prefer to manage the wild woodland in order to encourage natural regeneration. The youngster saplings are coming up everywhere so it’s our job to give them their best chance to stand tall and proud one day. 

We are in the process of developing a line of furniture where every piece of timber used is traceable to its original spot at Invermay. Felling, milling, seasoning and drying to the right conditions is of paramount importance for the best quality and it is an expensive and time-consuming process. In reality it is a mere second or two in the lives of these splendid giants that are so important to everything on this earth. We must consider with far greater awareness how we treat our woodland all over the globe, and in doing so we can all enjoy their habitats and allow fellow craftsmen to continue to work with it to create beautiful pieces. Wood is the greatest of all natural materials, and should be respected and cared for in that manner.