Uncovering Britain’s Hardwood Dilemma

What is the Future of our Woodland.? I was travelling home on the train to Edinburgh from King’s Cross when it suddenly dawned on me: there were hardly any trees. I grew up hearing of tales, that a squirrel in Old England could travel from one end of the country to the other without touching […]

‘Be’ at home.

Given the ‘unprecedented’ grip that the corona virus is placing on our everyday lives, it is a fair estimation that it has had an effect on all of us to varying degrees. Following government orders I have had to retreat into my home, away from the workshop sharing in the common cause to do our […]

How To Begin A Sustainable Wood Supply For Furniture Making (Chapter 1)

Scotland forestry jmw furniture

A bit like a wine-lover and his cellar, I have been longing to lay down my own stock of timber; and this year I have taken my first tentative steps. At home in Scotland, we have been tidying up our forestry; thinning out a jungle of unmanaged woodlands; felling the oldest and most distorted trees […]

The Dinner Party

the dinner party image jmw furniture

Deprived of social interaction, we crave and dream about being able to host or attend dinner parties. The presence of laughter of friends and family has become digitised and we so wish to break down the Zoom curtain. After all, with so much time to perfect our culinary skills in isolation, we want to brandish […]