Free standing Furniture

Since JMW Furniture was founded back in 2013, we have honed our design and craftsmanship skills. This evolution has been guided, encouraged and challenged by the people that we work with on a day-to-day basis, our clients.

Our Furniture

We like to make pieces of furniture that compliment, transform, even elevate the atmosphere of these rooms that they live in and brighten up the days of those who live with them.

We have a very talented and dedicated team in our Bristol workshop. We care about the minute details of what we make, and we know that the execution of these details are what makes a piece of furniture fine. This is what we strive to achieve, so

our clients know when their new furniture is delivered that it will be cherished for generations. This is why they spend the time interacting and working with bespoke designers and makers, to achieve a shared objective.

It will always say something about them, now and in years to come. In an ever-increasing world of mass-production, it is more important than ever to surround oneself with items of the highest quality.


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