Our sustainability practice

All the wood we use to make our bespoke kitchens and furniture is FSC, PEFC, GIB certified, or harvested by us from here on our farm. We desperately need to preserve woodland all over the world and at home here in the UK. Our children need to play and be around trees. We need to be amongst trees for our mental health. Our planet needs trees to store carbon, and then we can lock it in and build houses and furniture with the timber. For any kind of future we need trees, lots more trees. Let’s look after them.

On the Wemyss Estate we have an active forestry management plan, growing a mixture of species for the construction, biomass and wood product market. There is also ancient woodland which we maintain, and it is from here that we source some of our timber. 

sustainably sourced wood wemyss kitchens and furniture
close up of wooden ski bench wemyss kitchens and furniture

We are in the process of starting a line of furniture where every piece of timber used is traceable to its original spot at Invermay. Best practice processes for felling, milling, seasoning and drying is of paramount importance to create the best quality furniture, it is an expensive and time-consuming process but is so worth the end result. 

In reality the furniture creation process is a mere second in the lifespan of these splendid giants that are so important to everything on this earth. We must consider with far greater awareness how we treat our woodland all over the globe, and in doing so we can all enjoy their habitats and allow fellow craftsmen to continue to work with it to create beautiful pieces.

Wood is one of the greatest of all natural materials, and should be respected and cared for in that manner.