The Dinner Party

Deprived of social interaction, we crave and dream about being able to host or attend dinner parties. The presence of laughter of friends and family has become digitised and we so wish to break down the Zoom curtain. After all, with so much time to perfect our culinary skills in isolation, we want to brandish the fruits of our existence. Resourceful and delicious.

If you have been luckily enough to be isolated with family, you’ve probably, like us, started to be more creative and liberal in your weekend entertainment, to spike the dopamine levels once a week in order to break the monotony of the ‘new normal’. We have hosted pub nights, where we converted the dinner table into a pub, with menus, scampi and chips, or burgers and chips, pub quiz, jukebox (spotify) and our very own landlady (my sister-in-law). We have had a poker and cocktails night, and my personal favourite, a  desert island discs evening. We had stiff  necks in the morning from the head banging.

arc dining table jmw furniture

How we look forward to sitting around that kitchen or dining table to catch up on what’s been going on, patching up arguments from the week gone by and critiquing the latest lockdown easing measures (just a little more please Boris). You may be on your tod, chatting away on zoom to several other friends and joining in their dinner. Whatever gets us through these times, we must be creative and look  out for those who are more isolated than others. However you have been coping, the kitchen / dining table has become an integral part of life that has had more interaction than ever before.

We look forward with glee, to when we might be able to expand the party and invite our friends and family over for dinner. What will we cook? Which plates or table mats will we use? Is the table big enough and up to our new dinner party standards?

Do you like benches, so you can squeeze your friends round the table like sardines? Or, do you need a table that comfortably fits the chairs that have been in your family for decades? Would you prefer to have a table that is adaptable to an occasion or one that has a bespoke side table that fits perfectly on the end when required. Do you like a table that is so wide that you can fit lots of plates on the table, mezze style, or do you prefer to serve plates on the side and eat at a narrower table 900mm so you are closer to your opponent, whether or not because you are hard at hearing like me, from abusing your ears in years of band practice.

Everyone is different and we all like to entertain in our own way.

If you are thinking about updating your table arrangements. Do you need to breathe new life into your kitchen or dining room or perhaps need a bespoke table made to extend the current one.

If you have any thoughts along these line it would be my pleasure to discuss them further with you. Contact us.

Stay safe everyone!

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