Vinatis dining table and chairs

A thoroughly enjoyable project we worked on in a beautiful French chateau.

The client made it very clear that they wished to use oak as the timber species. It was also important to get the right finish on the wood to work well with the light colour of the limestone in what was the old ‘cave’, wine store. This had recently been renovated into an entertainment space.

The premise was to have 8 tables 2m x 1m that could be arranged in different combinations that would allow the clients to entertain different numbers of guest for special occasions. We decided on making a set of 8 table, 8 benches and 16 chairs, including 1 throne with the client’s family crest engraved on the back.

The client was very happy with the result and all the specified requirement has been met which you can so in the images. The furniture was designed to be stored effectively along the length of the wall with the chairs stored under the table top to toe in the event that the space was used for another purpose.

We were shortlisted for a design award for this project.

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